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Why is Bejuco Paradise an excellent investment?

  • Instead of wasting your money on hotels, you can pay a similar fee, but eventually you will have your own beach house.
  • Our administration will allow you to rent your apartment with a guaranteed profitability which will help you pay the apartment virtually by itself.
  • Due to the lack of time and rush, it is more and more difficult for some people to drive 4 or 5 hours to the beaches in Guanacaste or the Caribbean because you need to devote some days and it’s usually tiring. Nowadays, people prefer to invest in a property where a beach trip is an on-the-spot decision. In less than 90 minutes you will be surrounded by nature, beach and sun. We have thought of your needs to design Bejuco Paradise.
  • With just a phone call, you’ll be able to have your condo ready to enjoy a weekend holiday or any other time and being so close to San Jose, you will even be able to come back home or to work the same day. Also, at the end of your stay, you will be able to have your condo cleaned so that you don’t have to worry for cleaning or maintenance.
  • Year after year, your investment will gain appreciation. It could even be paid by itself if you decide to put it in the hotel system and eventually, you’ll have your own beach hose.

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